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Pel Mel

Newcastle (Australia) band Pel Mel initially restricted their performances to occasional gigs on the Sydney inner-city circuit, plus some plum supports for international touring artists like The Fall and New Order.

Their earliest sounds hinted at post-punk British groups such as Joy Division, Gang of Four and The Cure and their first single, No Word From China – independently financed on their own Primate label – received rave reviews.

The addition of bass player Craig Robertson in 1982 brought a new orientation towards dance music and with the release of their debut album, Out Of Reason (1983) the band began touring nationally.

Their music began to be structured around funk, and variety was maintained by the alternation of lead vocals between Judy McGee and Graeme Dunne, and intelligent sprinklings of sax.

Their second album, Persuasion (1984), sold in impressive numbers by independent label standards but despite rapturous press and extensive FM radio airplay, they remained largely a cult group, albeit one who could consistently draw a huge crowd.

Graeme Dunne
Vocals, guitar, bass
Judy McGee 

Vocals, saxes, clarinet, synthesizer
Dave Weston 

Paul Davies 

Guitar, bass
Glenn Hill 

Lindsay O’Meara 

Craig Robertson 

Jane McGee