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Despite forming in 1971, Chicago-based Pezband were crowned ‘Most Promising New Act of the Year’ in 1978, primarily because of the resurging interest in power pop music thanks to the skinny tie power pop scene of the late 70s.

Like their Midwestern predecessors  The Raspberries, Pezband looked to mid-Sixties British pop to define their style.


The group released three full-length LP’s – PezbandLaughing in the Dark (recorded in London at Jethro Tull‘s studios), and Cover to Cover – as well as two live EP’s (30 Seconds over Schaumburg and Too Old Too Soon).

For a short time in the late 70s, Pezband looked all set to break away from the cult of power pop and into the big league. Heavyweights such as The E Street Band’s Clarence Clemons guested on their records and they played high-profile shows opening for such giants as Fleetwood Mac and Supertramp but, ultimately, their star was eclipsed by The Knack.

Despite talent, great records and critical acclaim the band never sold a lot of records and quickly found themselves in the bargain bins. They split up in 1980 but later reformed as a trio.

Mimi Betinis
Guitar, vocals, harmonica
Tommy Gauvenda
Mike Gorman
Bass, vocals
Mick Rain
Drums, vocals
John Pazdan
Guitar, piano, vocals
Cliff Johnson
Tom Gawenda
Wes Davis