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Porcelain Bus

Porcelain Bus began in 1980 in Sydney (Australia) when guitarist Rob McKiernan, vocalist Ian James and bassist Paul Patrick got together while still in school.

Their debut single in 1986 was released by the prestigious new Sydney independent label Citadel, which suddenly made Porcelain Bus stable-mates of the New Christs, The Stems, Died Pretty, the Lime Spiders, the Screaming Tribesmen, Lipstick Killers, The Bamboos, and the Happy Hate Me Nots, assuring that many fans would buy their record just because of the company they kept.

The Well Is Dry (1987) was a subdued ballad and Porcelain Bus returned to the studio in July 1987 to record the six songs that would become the Steel Bros. mini-LP which proved to be something of a disappointment.

The brilliant Talking To God LP (1988) presented a great mix of strong rockers and softer tracks and the band began touring heavily in Australia, although they lost drummer John Nolan, who was replaced by Adam Toole.

Their second LP, Fragile, was released in 1990 and the group toured Europe to enthusiastic crowds. But on returning to Australia the band folded.

Ian James
Robert McKiernan
Guitar, vocals
Brett Myers
Paul J. Patrick
John Nolan
Drums, vocals
Adam Toole