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Primal Scream

Originally a guitar pop band formed by early Jesus & Mary Chain drummer Bobby Gillespie, Primal Scream got harder, wilder and heavier as the decade wore on, and would hit a solid dance groove in the 1980s.

Attracted to a dance scene that offered a spirit of adventure – plus copious amounts of pharmaceuticals – Primal Scream transformed themselves from pallid Byrds/Velvet Underground copyists to innovative dance-rock evangelists for their third LP, Screamadelica (1991).

Helped by then-unknown DJ Andy Weatherall, who remixed one of their better songs into the Stones-go-Dub party anthem, Loaded, Gillespie and co-created a musical kaleidoscope of styles ranging from psychedelic house to stoned ballads, Dub symphonies to spaced-out jazz.

Vanishing Point (1997) found them unsure of their sound – a mixture of genres and dubious darker influences that fused together for a rollercoaster ride – at times nightmarish, at others ecstatic in the truest sense.

Bobby Gillespie 
Robert ‘Throb’ Young
Andrew Innes
Martin Duffy
Darrin Mooney

Mani Mounfield