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Promises comprised three Canadian-born siblings, Leslie Knauer (vocals), Jed Knauer (guitar and keyboards) and Benjamin Knauer (keyboards and vocals). Their father Peter was originally from Hamburg, Germany, and after settling in Canada for some years, moved his children to Thousand Oaks, California in the late 60s.

Peter Knauer was also musically inclined, and when his three kids decided to form the band Promises in 1978, he became their manager and occasional keyboard player.

The trio scored a recording contract with EMI and recorded their eponymous debut album during the second half of 1978. The debut single was a pop-rock power ballad called Baby It’s You which peaked at #4 in Germany and #2 in Australia.


Follow-up single Let’s Get Back Together (1979) made it to #18 in Germany but, like Baby It’s You, was largely ignored in the band’s native USA.

A low-key second album (Reel To Reel) spawned the single Ooh, Baby I Like It, but the band broke up shortly after.

Leslie Knauer
Benjamin Knauer
Keyboards, vocals
Jed Knauer
Guitar, piano