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Pure Prairie League

These country rock musicians from Ohio River Valley/Kentucky stock (named after the women’s temperance union in the Errol Flynn classic, Dodge City) released two albums – the country rock Pure Prairie League and the more rock-oriented Bustin’ Out – before vanishing, only to appear suddenly on the singles charts in 1975 with Amie, a fresh breath of country air culled from the latter LP.

Regrouping and re-signing with RCA, the sextet released the new album, Two Lane Highway (1975)

Former leader Craig Fuller was gone after an unsuccessful bout with the draft board, but George Ed Powell and new lead guitarist Larry Goshorn continued the spirit of the old League, making the album a worthy companion to the likes of The Byrds‘ Sweetheart Of The Rodeo and other gems of the genre.

Craig Fuller
Guitar, vocals
George Ed Powell
Guitar, vocals
Mike Reilly
Bass, vocals
Vince Gill
Guitars, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, vocals
Robin Suskind
John David Call
Pedal steel guitar, banjo, dobro
Steve Patrick Bolin
Guitars, flute, saxophone, vocals
Larry Goshorn
Guitar, vocals
Phil Stokes
Michael Connor
Jim Lanham
Tommy McGrail
Jim Caughlan
William Frank Hinds