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Prisoners, The

The Prisoners were a Mod-influenced band from Chatham, Kent, in the Medway region of southern England. Formed in 1980, they took the name from The Vapors‘ first single Prisoners.

The original lineup consisted of 16-year-olds Graham Day (guitar, vocals), Allan Crockford (bass) and Johnny Symons (drums). Bruce Brand from The Milkshakes was with the group briefly as a second guitarist, but it wasn’t until 1982 when James Taylor (Organ) was added to the lineup when they officially became a four-piece

prisoners_221The Prisoners released four studio albums – A Taste of Pink! (1982), The Wisermiserdemelza (1983), The Last Fourfathers (1985) and In From the Cold (1986) – along with three singles – Hurricane (1983), There’s A Time (1983), and Whenever I’m Gone (1986).

The band also contributed tracks to a number of compilations before calling it a day in 1986.

Organist James Taylor embarked on a successful career with his own James Taylor Quartet in an Acid Jazz groove. Bassist Allan Crockford pursued a career in IT with Sainsbury’s and the University of Kent.

The Prisoners have reformed for live shows several times and released a final single, Shine On Me, in 1997.

Graham Day
Vocals, guitar
James Taylor
Allan Crockford
Johnny Symons