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Once glance at the grammatically-challenged and logic-dodging sleeve notes on the 1971 Space Hymns album will convince you that Mister Ram (Kimberley Barrington Frost to his Earth mum) was a couple of coins short of a hexagram.

Sounding like a Norwegian Eurovision entry on Oh Mister, a druggy New Seekers on And The Whole World, and Reg Presley singing over a Unicorn-era Marc Bolan backing on Qaser One, this was a regular prog oddity.

The future 10cc provided punchy production and some meaty beaty backing though.

Frost was born in Sheffield and worked as a PT instructor in the army during his National Service. He was working in a central heating business in Scotland when inspired to assume the mantle of the Egyptian Pharaoh (of whom he believed himself a reincarnation) and take up a musical career.

Ramases embarked on a pop career in earnest in 1968, involving his wife Dorothy, renamed for the Egyptian goddess of cures and protection, Selket.

Sadly, Space Hymns (1971), and a more skeletal and downbeat follow-up album, Glass Top Coffin (1975) failed to deliver widespread recognition.

It would be nice to report that Ram is thrusting religious pamphlets at passers-by these days, but he was plagued by mental health issues and apparently committed suicide in Felixstowe in 1978.