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This American heavy rock band was formed in 1980 in Los Angeles by vocalist Stephen Pearcy and guitarist Robbin Crosby. Pearcy’s first band had been called Mickey Ratt.

The pair had known Warren DeMartini as a rival guitarist in other Californian high-volume outfits. In May of 1981, Bobby Blotzer joined Ratt after members of the band had seen him on an MTV video, and his hiring led the band to his longtime cohort, Juan Croucier.

The group, along with their roadies and equipment, moved into a one-bedroom apartment where they wrote songs and rehearsed constantly.

The group flourished in the Los Angeles heavy metal scene around 1981, playing alongside Quiet Riot, Mötley Crüe, Great White and a slew of other bands that didn’t make it.

Ratt released an EP independently, and a track called You Think You’re Tough garnered a fair amount of local and national airplay. Atlantic president Doug Morris, who hadn’t heard them on record, signed them after a gig.

After signing with Atlantic they had a three million-selling album with Out Of The Cellar (1984) and a hit single with Round and Round.

In 2001, Robbin Crosby publicly announced that he was HIV-positive. He died on 6 June 2002, from a heroin overdose. He was 42 years old.

Stephen Pearcy
Warren DeMartini 

Robbin Crosby 

Juan Croucier 

Bobby Blotzer