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Ray Columbus and The Invaders


Starting out as a fairly accomplished outfit in the style of Cliff Richard & the Shadows, Ray Columbus and The Invaders hit the top of the charts in both New Zealand and Australia with She’s a Mod in 1964.

A cover of an obscure British beat single by the equally obscure Senators, it took obvious inspiration from The Beatles’ She Loves You with its “yeah-yeah” chorus, but it was a strong harmony rocker that was one of the biggest singles of the ’60s in Australia.

The group managed a few more New Zealand hits, but couldn’t crack Australia in as big a way again and called it a day in 1966.


Ray Columbus tried to break in the States as a solo artist for a year or two, recording the collectable psychedelic Kick Me single with a California group called The Art Collection.

Ray Columbus
Dave Russell
Guitar, vocals
Wally Scott
Billy Kristian
Bass, vocals
Jimmy Hill
Puni Solomon
Peter Ward
Brian Ringrose
Mac Jamieson