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Redd Kross

Barely teenagers at the time, Redd Kross was one of the first bands in So Cal to pick up guitars and lash out at their laid-back homeland, studding their songs with arcane references to The Partridge Family and other 70s kitsch, along the way developing a keen power pop sensibility.

By the time the group found its true voice on the near-classic Neurotica (1987), the band was rocking harder than a barrelful of Monkees.

The evolution culminated with Third Eye (1991), on which they came on like a junior Cheap Trick with a superb collection of songs that the Bay City Rollers would have killed for, and Phaseshifter (1993), on which they flawlessly balanced melody and alterna-punk, not once burning themselves on the irony.

Jeff McDonald
Guitar, vocals
Steve McDonald
Bass, vocals
Edward Kurdziel 

Lead Guitar
Gere Fennelly

Brian Reitzel