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Redskins, The

The Redskins were a skinhead punk band with a brass-driven soul sideline. Hailing originally from York (and known originally as No Swastikas) the band were overtly committed to left-wing politics, in fact, three members – X Moore (real name Chris Dean), Martin Hewes and Nick King – were Socialist Workers Party members.

For The Redskins it was always 1917 (“There’s no point having a revolution unless we shoot the bastards afterwards”), and a change was definitely gonna come – blood of the workers or not.

They were a band of revolutionary incitement, and they didn’t write song titles so much as slogans, lyrics so much as manifestos. But they were saved from dourness by a wicked sense of humour and a swaggering soul beat.

Musically, The Redskins moulded the rawness of The Jam, the brass of early Dexy’s and the love of all those Stax and Atlantic platters into a steaming, uplifting brew.

Chris Dean would never be regarded as a technically great singer, but his abrasive, powerful vocals matched the intensity of the groove.

X Moore (Chris Dean)
Vocals, guitar
Martin Hewes
Bass, vocals
Nick King
Paul Hookham
Kevin Robinson
Trevor Edwards
Ray Carless