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Rembrandts, The

Danny Wilde had been pursuing a solo career for five years and Phil Solem had been trying to get his own band off the ground. So when the two former members of LA pop band Great Buildings got together late in 1990 and wrote a couple of songs, they didn’t expect it to turn into anything permanent.

But they couldn’t ignore the result so they made it official, borrowing their name from the band Solem had fronted in Minneapolis and recording a series of garage demos that became, with only minor embellishment, The Rembrandts.

The album of pure pop songs was informed by the duo’s mutual affection for Roy Orbison, the Everly Brothers and The Beatles.

Armed with a pair of guitars and a batch of Beatlesque pop tunes, Wilde and Solem began making the rounds, playing acoustic shows in radio stations, record company offices and clubs.

Phil Solem
Vocals, guitar
Danny Wilde
Vocals, guitar