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Rezillos/Revillos, The

Before Punk came along, Edinburgh art college students Alan Forbes and John Callis were in R&B covers band The Knutsford Dominators. Their 1976 venture, The Rezillos, was punkier in spirit and mined the worlds of sci-fi, cartoons, Bubblegum music and Carnaby Street.

Forbes became ‘Eugene Reynolds’, girlfriend Sheilagh Hynd renamed herself ‘Fay Fife’, while songwriter Callis was now ‘Luke Warm’.

From the start, The Rezillos were devoted to the idea of generating fun – for themselves and their fans. They took the innocence and the spontaneity of 60s pop music and fashion and transplanted them into the rock ‘n’ roll world of the 70s with joyful exaggeration.


But behind the fun facade, band members were arguing themselves into a premature grave and, after a Top 20 single (Top Of The Pops) and a solitary album (Can’t Stand the Rezillos), the group split into two factions during the recording of Destination Venus.

Singers Fife and Reynolds formed The Revillos (accentuating cartoon zaniness) while guitarist Callis formed Shake! on his way to The Human League (where he wrote most of the 1981 pop classic Dare).

The Revillos split up in 1985, briefly reforming in 1994 for a tour of Japan, and again in 1996 for a UK tour.


When the band broke up in 1985, singer Sheilagh Hynd (Fay) studied acting and landed roles in Taggart and The Bill, then retrained as a clinical psychologist. Guitarist Alan Forbes (Eugene) launched a motorcycle import business.

All core Rezillos re-formed in 2004 for a US tour.

Former guitarist Kid Krupa passed away in 2005 as a result of complications caused by diabetes.

Eugene Reynolds (Alan Forbes)
Fay Fife (Sheilagh Hynd)
Hi-Fi Harris (Mark Harris) 
Luke Warm (John Callis)
Simon Templar 
Dr D K Smythe 
William Mysterious (William Donaldson)
Bass, sax
Johnny Terminator
Angel (Alan) Patterson
Kid Krupa
Rocky Rhythm