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Roaring Jack

Playing their acidic blend of Celtic melodies propelled by a rock rhythm section, singer/main songwriter Alistair Hulett waxed polemic and sang razor-sharp with all the intensity of the truly committed.

Roaring Jack songs fairly bristled with social comment, from the politics of The Old Divide and Rule to the venom of Yuppietown, pounded out with all the fire and gusto Celtic music gave Australia’s own bush music tradition.

This was street music, working-class music, shouting against the apathy of mediocrity imposed on the masses in order to control them. It also got the feet moving, the heart thumping and the head thinking.

The band split up in 1992. Returning to the UK, Hulett worked with former Fairport Convention fiddle player, Dave Swarbrick (who described Hulett as “the best songwriter since Ewan MacColl”).

Alistair Hulett (born 1951) passed away on 28 January 2010.

Alistair Hulett
Vocals, guitar
Steven (Steph) Miller
Accordion, mandolin, vocals
Bob (Rab) Mannell
Guitar, bouzouki
Dave Williams
Steve Thompson
Hunter Owens
Accordion, mandolin, vocals
Rod Gilchrist