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Rockpile took a group of seasoned professionals with an ear for good hooks and an enviable track record and turned this quartet into an ersatz supergroup.

The group mixed genres with dazzling deftness and a keen sense of humour combined with instrumental virtuosity and pristine harmonies.


Seconds of Pleasure (1980) was their first album as Rockpile, although the four members had played together on Dave EdmundsTracks On Wax 4 and Repeat When Necessary, and on Nick Lowe‘s Jesus Of Cool and Labour of Lust, as well as on assorted singles.

It was also to be their lone release as a band.

Sadly, they were gone all too quickly – thanks to management squabbles (mainly a fight between Edmunds and manager Jake Riviera) and creative differences.

While the members often backed each other on records, Rockpile marched messily to a premature grave in 1981, and Lowe and Edmunds continued an ongoing feud for several years.

Nick Lowe 
Vocals, bass
Dave Edmunds
Vocals, guitar
Billy Bremner 

Vocals, guitar
Terry Williams