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Romantics, The

As one of the first generation of American bands to emerge from the revival of local music scenes brought about by New Wave, The Romantics avoided the arty excesses of New York and the punky posing of California, developing instead a powerful, honest style of their own.

The band formed in 1977 on Detroit’s east side, and by 1978 they were opening shows for Talking Heads and The Ramones (and supporting Peter Frampton in front of 80,000 people at Detroit’s Pontiac Stadium) and had recorded the single Tell It To Carrie for Greg Shaw’s Bomp! Records.

On their debut LP, The Romantics pulled off the uncanny trick of virtually duplicating the sound of the first two Kinks albums when such a sound was supposed to be impossible to reproduce on modern recording equipment.

In 2004 the band released 61/49 – their first album in 18 years. The sleek New Kinda Pain, the thunderous title track, and covers of The Kinks and The Pretty Things proved that The Romantics were every bit as visceral and R&B-infused a band as Jack and Meg White.

Wally Palmar
Vocals, guitar, harmonica
Mike Skill
Guitar, vocals, bass
Coz Canler
Guitar, vocals
Jimmy Marinos
Vocals, drums
Rich Cole
Bass, vocals
David Petratos
Clem Burke