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Ronnie Hilton

Born Adrian Hill in Hull, in January 1926, Ronnie Hilton was one of the great UK singers of the 1950s.


He was actually working a lathe in an engineering factory in Leeds when he got his break as a singer and was subsequently signed to the HMV label where he recorded the likes of I Still Believe (on 78) in 1953.

His first 7″ single, Prize of Gold was released in 1955.

It sold well though further singles were not so popular until he hit the #1 spot in 1956 with No Other Love.

Hilton’s most collectable single is, ironically, from 1967, as on the B-side of his HMV single If I Were a Rich Man is a cover version of the song The Laughing Gnome, written by one David Bowie.