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Ronny & The Daytonas

This Nashville-based combo was led by John ‘Bucky’ Wilkin, son of country songwriter Marijohn Wilkin (Cut Across ShortyThe Long Black Veil).

The group’s first album, GTO (1964), featured a rockin’ surf sound but, for the 1966 follow-up, Sandy, Wilkin worked closely with songwriter Buzz Carson, arranger Bergen White and producer Bill Justis to craft an LP of introspective, Brian Wilson-influenced pop that sounds like the missing link between The Beach Boys Today! and Pet Sounds.


Actually recorded in Germany while the group was on a European tour, Sandy isn’t pure psych-pop but does stand as a fascinating and intriguing precursor to the sound.

Paul Jensen
Vocals, guitar
John “Bucky” Wilkin (Ronny)
Guitar, vocals
Lee Kraft
Thomas Ramey
Bass, guitar
Lynn Williams