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Running, Jumping & Standing Still

Aussie guitarist Doug Ford and singer Andy James moved to Melbourne when The Missing Links broke up in 1966.  There they formed Running, Jumping & Standing Still with bassist Rick Dalton (ex-) and drummer Ian Robinson.

The band underwent several lineup changes in its short history, and the famously fractious relationship between Doug and Andy (which dated back to their Missing Links days) made it almost inevitable that the group would split eventually.


Andy James suffered a brain haemorrhage during a RJSS performance in December 1966.

He collapsed onstage and was hospitalised, where his doctors advised him to give up the music business.

Andy responded by forming The Andy James Asylum. He was replaced in RJSS by Peter Newing (ex-The Pleazers).

Their final single was She’s Good To Me, released in August 1967. Shortly thereafter, Doug Ford joined The Masters Apprentices, effectively bringing RJSS to an end.

The band named themselves after a short (eleven minute) film called The Running Jumping & Standing Still Film (1960) directed by Richard Lester and Peter Sellers and featuring Spike Milligan.

Andy James
Vocals, guitar
Doug Ford
Rick Dalton
Ian Robinson
Jamie Byrne
Dennis Burgess
John Philips
Doug Lavery