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Samantha Fox

Samantha Karen Fox was born on 15 April 1966 in Mile End, London, to parents Patrick and Carole. She had two childhood dreams: to become a policewoman or a singer.

In 1983, Sam was voted ‘Face & Shape of 1983’ by the Sunday People and ended up with an exclusive contract for topless modelling with The Sun.

She was a favourite with builders and lorry drivers everywhere, thanks to what were usually described as her “chirpy personality” and her “ample assets”.


Her suggestive first single, Touch Me (I Want Your Body), became a UK Top Ten hit and charted in mainland Europe too. Sam was especially popular in Scandinavia.

A shambolic performance hosting the 1989 BRIT Awards left Sam (and fellow host Mick Fleetwood) trying to cover up their embarrassing effort.

Sam later professed she was a born-again Christian, before – in a bizarre twist – announcing to the world that she was a lesbian.