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Savage Garden

Savage Garden emerged onto the Australian music scene in 1996 after Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones met via an advertisement in a local newspaper and played together for two years in a Brisbane band called Red Edge.

When the band broke up, Hayes and Jones spent a year polishing up their vocal and musical skills, writing countless songs and recording 150 demos.


They were picked up by manager John Woodruff who believed in the boys so much he actually mortgaged his house to finance the recording of the debut Savage Garden album.

The 11-track self-titled album sold over 48,000 copies and the first two singles, I Want You and To The Moon & Back each sold 24,000 copies.

Their third single Truly, Madly, Deeply topped the American Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1998. They repeated the feat with the following year’s single, I Knew I Loved You.

The duo called it a day in 2001 with Hayes settling in San Francisco and embarking on a solo career and Jones, preferring life outside the public eye, returning home to Brisbane.

Darren Hayes
Daniel Jones
Keyboards, guitar