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Savoy Brown

Founded by the only constant mainstay, Kim Simmonds, Savoy Brown (originally The Savoy Brown Blues Band) saw some great players pass through their ranks, including guitarist Martin Stone, Jackie Lynton and vocalist Dave Walker (who was mooted to replace Ozzy Osbourne in Black Sabbath the first time around).

savoybrown8The personnel of the band changed regularly, with some degree of stability finally established in 1969 when Tony Stevens took over from Rivers Jobe on bass, and the success that had eluded them for so long suddenly happened, first in America, then at home in the UK.

The band was managed by Kim’s brother, Harry, and everybody else was simply hired help. Kim and Harry controlled the finances and probably ended up with most of the money.

There was one brief span in history that all Savoy Brown freaks remember. The exact same band actually appeared on two consecutive albums – Street Corner Talking and Hellbound Train. Kim Simmonds claimed he’d found the key to holding a band together. “It’s the social thing,” he declared.

But by the time the next album, Lion’s Share hit the record stores Savoy Brown had a new bass player, and then before the band began its next tour, vocalist Dave Walker was in Fleetwood Mac.

And when Savoy was a four-man band, three out of the four members left, picked up another guitarist, and formed Foghat.

Brice Portius
Kim Simmonds

Guitar, vocals
Ray Chappell 

Lonesome Dave Peverett
Vocals, guitar
Leo Mannings

Martin Stone 

Dave Walker
Jackie Lynton
Tony Stevens 

Rivers Jobe 

Chris Youlden
Roger Earle
Paul Raymond
Organ, guitar, vocals
Andy Pyle
Ron Berg