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After a conspicuous absence from the Australian music scene for two years, vocalist Johanna Pigott re-emerged in 1984 with Scribble.

Apart from a brief stint on bass with Sardine V, her last musical foray had been with the Sydney inner-city band, XL Capris.

Along with XL’s guitarist Errol (Tim) Gooding,  she also wrote Sweet and Sour, a television series for the ABC.

Scribble (both the name of a seven-track mini album and the loose combo assembled by Pigott as a band) was primarily a collaboration between herself and Dragon bass player, Todd Hunter.

Two albums followed; So Far (1985) and Pop Art (1986). But although there was much cult interest, Scribble achieved little commercial success and were defunct by 1987.

Pigott enjoyed greater success as a songwriter, co-writing a number of hits for Dragon in the 1980s, and Age of Reason for John Farnham in 1988.

Johanna Pigott
Vocals, keyboards
Todd Hunter
Bass, organ
Mark Bell
Geoff Lundgren
Nicolette Boaz
Bill Heckenberg
Tim Powells
Lee Borkman
Mike Caen