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Sekret Sekret

Originally called The Ugly Mirrors, Aussie band Sekret Sekret began a residency on Thursday nights at the legendary Civic Hotel in downtown Sydney.

Over a three month period, they got tight and brilliant. A tape of Charity even popped up on 2JJ a few times.


They were a guitar band – all paisley swirls and stripes, bleached rats-tails and tie-dyed jeans, standing almost motionless while Irish-born blonde singer David Virgin (real name, Healy – ex-SPK) dominated with formidable star quality.

Guitarists Danny Rumour (real name Aitkins, also ex-SPK) and Peter Polaroid (real name Mullany) played with precision, subtlety and melody.

Sekret Sekret performed and recorded for six years, chalking up five #1 singles on the Australian independent chart including New King Jack.

Their final lineup included Ken Gormley on bass and James Elliot on Drums with Des Devlin moving to share the lead guitar duties with Dan Rumour. They released their last single Just to Love You, in 1985, disbanding shortly after.

Virgin released several solo albums before returning to Ireland where he continues to record, perform and produce music at the Beardfire Production Studio in Dublin.

David Virgin (David Healy)
Vocals, guitar
Danny Rumour (Danny Aitkins)

Peter Polaroid (Mullany)

Des Devlin 

Bass, guitar
Colin ‘Jinx’ Ellis
James Elliott 

Ken Gormley