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Sets, The

Australian band The Sets, led by brothers Gary and Don Hosie, were the leaders of the Sydney mod revival scene in the early 80s.

Formed originally as a three-piece by Keith Claringbold (guitar and vocals), Phil Robinson (bass and vocals) and Stuart Hooper (drums), The Sets were the first (for a time the only) mod band in town, but the band really came into their own when they were joined by the Hosie brothers.


Famed for their sharp suits and impeccable stylings in all things mod, the Hosies (and, therefore, The Sets) were totally immersed in the movement.

They organised mod events, scooter runs and interstate touring excursions, established and ran mod clubs and music venues, and generally galvanised and nurtured the entire Australian mod scene.

The Sets released one single, Love Ain’t What It Used To Be b/w Life On An L.I.

Keith Claringbold moved on to another Sydney mod band, The Introverts, and several members went on to other, more successful, bands after the demise of The Sets: Gary Hosie with The Mustard Club, Donald Hosie with R&B band Stupidity, and ‘French’ Phil Robinson as bass player with The Cockroaches.

Tragically, Donald was killed in a motor vehicle accident at Easter 2000 while driving to Sydney from Mudgee (NSW). He was only 42.

Gary Hosie
Don Hosie
Andy Vaughan
Phil Robinson
Bass, vocals
Stuart Hooper
Mark Fitzgerald
Rob Turner
Keith Pickering
Keith Claringbold
Guitar, vocals
Chris Vaughan
John Voulgourakis
Hans Boss
Phil Manzil