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Settlers, The

Midlands group The Settlers began in 1964 as a trio comprising Mike Jones and John Fyffe – who had teamed up as students at St Peter’s College, Birmingham – and Cynthia ‘Cindy’ Kent. They added bassist Mansel Davies shortly thereafter.


Davies left in 1965 to pursue a career in teaching and was replaced by Geoff Srodzinski.

The catchy theme tune heard at the beginning and end of each episode of the popular 1970s children’s tv series Follyfoot – The Lightning Tree – became a massive hit for The Settlers in 1971.

Shortly after recording a religious album I Am Your Servant in 1973, Cindy Kent left the group and the line up changed from an acoustic four-piece folk group to a more contemporary five-piece electric sound with the addition of Andie Sheridan (vocals), Paul Greedus (guitar and vocals), Chris Johnstone (bass and vocals), and George Jeffrey (drums).


Valery Ann replaced Andie Sheridan in 1976 and the line up changed back to a four-piece acoustic close harmony group with Mike Jones, Paul Greedus, Valery Ann, and newcomer Steve Smith (vocals/guitar).

Cindy Kent was ordained as a priest in 2008.

Cindy Kent
Mike Jones
Vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin
John Fyffe
Vocals, banjo, guitar, bass
Mansel Davies
Geoffrey Srodzinski
Andie Sheridan
Paul Greedus
Guitar, vocals
Chris Johnstone
Bass, vocals
George Jeffrey
Valery Ann
Steve Smith
Vocals, guitar