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Sex Gang Children/Andi Sex Gang

They may have been Goth, but unlike such lugubrious peers as Sisters Of Mercy and All About Eve, at least Leeds’ Sex Gang Children – the name was lifted from a William Burroughs poem and was actually on a list of names that fellow King’s Road fashion victim Boy George was toying with – had a sparky punk energy.

It was all in the Adam Ant-meets-Theatre Of Hate drumming, and singles such as the Gothabilly rocker Into the Abyss (1982), and Sebastiane (1983), where Andi Sex Gang’s normally mannered vocals sound very effective against Ginnie Hawes’ sweet, doleful violin.

Their gleefully discordant debut LP, Song And Legend (1983), set the tone for much that would follow with themes covering tombs, totalitarianism, Ivan the Terrible and anal penetration!

But their oeuvre, it has to be said, was a little limited and the rolling drumfests and twisted cocktail tunes eventually became interminable. The band split in the Summer of 1984 after several personnel changes took their toll.

Andi Sex Gang returned in 2013 with a new SGC album, Viva Vigilante! 

Andi Sex Gang
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