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Shadows of Knight, The

Originally called The Shadows, in next to no time the band were Chicago’s most popular group – a group which specialised in commercial blues but who were still minus a recording contract.

ATCO became very interested in the boys but they had one small problem. ATCO already had the English group, The Shadows, and naturally, they were not about to put out records by two different groups with the same name.

So, the American Shadows became The Time, but when their (million-selling) version of Gloria was released, the name on the label read The Shadows of Knight.


“The disc jockeys were so confused,” laughed Jim, “that every time they played our record they’d call us by a different name. We were The Shadows, The Time, The Shadows of Knight, The Shadows of Time, The Time Shadows and The Knight Time. It was really funny, but I think all the confusion helped because it generated a lot of interest in this group with all the names.”

Gloria landed the group a Billboard Top 10 hit in 1966 though their proto-punk attack was better served by their version of Bo Diddley‘s Oh Yeah.

The Shadows of Knight supported The Rolling Stones on 40 dates of a US tour.

Guitarist Joe Kelley passed away in 2103.

shadowsofknight44Jim Sohns
Warren Rogers

Guitar, bass
Roger Spielmann
Guitar, vocals
Joe Kelley
Bass, guitar
Jerry McGeorge
Tom Schiffour
David “Hawk” Wolinski
Norm Gotsch
Wayne Pursell
Tom Morris