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Singles, The

Australian band The Singles were formed late in 1979 by Andrew Campbell and Rod Brunell with Geoff Smith and Tony Cook. Andrew and Rod were old school friends and the idea for the band came along when Andrew’s previous band, Broken Toys, split up.

The band developed a strong following in the Sydney inner-city scene in the early 1980s, playing venues such as the Civic Hotel, the Rock Garden, Chequers, Frenchs, the Paddington Green and the Heritage Hotel.

Debut single Love Of Loves was released in 1980 on Doublethink Records. A second single – the superb Someone That I Knew followed later the same year, on the indie Basilisk label.

The Singles branched out of the inner city and began playing support slots with The Sunnyboys and INXS up and down the coast of New South Wales.

Steve Thompson joined in February 1981, ostensibly to allow Andrew to concentrate solely on singing.

Unfortunately, Geoff and Rod both then left the group. The remaining trio brought Andy Richards (ex-Young Modern) in on bass.

The new lineup recorded the single The Party in late 1982 but were unable to find a label to release the record.

Frustrated, Andy Richards decided to leave the band. This line up played their last show at the Sydney Trade Union Club in November 1982.

Andrew and Steve recruited new bass player Tim Bottrell, also adding Steve’s brother David Thompson on guitar.

In mid-1983 they recorded the single The Day but, once again, were unable to find a label willing to release the record. The band called it a day shortly thereafter.

The Day eventually surfaced in 1984 on the Survival Records compilation Shake and Shout.

Andrew Campbell
Vocals, guitar
Rod Brunell
Bass, vocals
Geoff Smith
Guitar, vocals
Steve Thompson
Guitar, vocals
Tony Cook
Andy Richards
Tim Bottrell
David Thompson