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Skip Bifferty

Formerly known as The Chosen Few, this Newcastle band changed their moniker to Skip Bifferty in 1966. The following year they arrived in London, playing the Marquee and ended up signing a management deal with Don Arden.

They released three singles and a self-titled album (produced by future Jam producer Vic Coppersmith-Heaven) for RCA, none of which made any real impression despite being fine examples of the freakbeat psych genre.

On Love was built around a repetitive grungy riff, while Man In Black was produced and arranged by Small Faces‘ Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane.

The group masqueraded for a while as Heavy Jelly in a vain attempt to get out of Arden’s managerial grasp but gave up after an extra flop on Island.

Bell, Gallagher and Turnbull played together in Bell And Arc in the early 70s. Gallagher also played with Loving Awareness in 1976 before becoming one of Ian Dury‘s Blockheads.

Graham Bell
John Turnbull
Mickey Gallagher
Colin Gibson
Tommy Jackman