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Slack Alice

Fronted by the superbly-named Alice Spring (real name Sandra Barry), Slack Alice were a hard-rocking bar room boogie quintet also comprising John Cook (keyboards), songwriter Pete Finberg (guitar), Mick Howard (bass) and Eddie Leach (drums).

Usually caught somewhere between a bluesier Cado Belle and SAHB, they peaked with Motorcycle Dream, a genuinely cool, hard-hitting Quatro-meets-My Coo Ca Choo-style rocker with Spring packing a defiantly tough vocal.

Even better, though, is the lispy, squeaky Slack Alice (from their eponymous 1974 album) which oozes the same kind of silent-movie nostalgia sleaze the Rocky Horror Show monopolised.

Spring (Barry) later reappeared in the band Darling.

Alice Spring (Sandra Barry)
Pete Finberg
Guitar, vocals
John Cook 
Keyboards, vocals
Mick Howard
Bass, vocals
Eddie Leach