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Sorrows, The

One of the most overlooked bands of the British Invasion, The Sorrows hailed from Coventry and functioned as a very lean and mean R&B outfit.

Aided by pirate radio, their atmospheric single Take A Heart almost made the Top 20 in 1965, but the failure of their other six singles led to a fragmentation two years later.

With the rich, gritty vocals of Don Fardon (real name Donald Maughn), taut raunchy guitars, and good material (both self-penned and from outside writers), they rank as one of the better British bands of their era, and certainly among the very best never to achieve success of any kind in the US.

After their sole LP (also titled Take a Heart), they issued a couple of impressive singles with psychedelic and Dylanesque overtones and relocated to Italy in the late ’60s, where they played material in a much more progressive (and less distinctive) vein.

Singer Don Fardon had a #3 solo hit in 1970  with the single Indian Reservation.

Don Fardon (Maughn)
Pip Whitcher 

Wez Price 

Philip Packham 

Bruce Finley 

Chris Fryers 

Vocals, organ, guitar