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Spectrum, The

The Melody Maker had this to say about the band in 1967; “This fast-rising group with their chart-chasing success Samantha is mine is now available as a merchandising property – and for personality appearances. The Spectrum pop group is heading for the TOPS (sic) – right alongside Captain Scarlet. They will be singing the majority of the Captain Scarlet series end titles and issuing more and more independent numbers (Portobello Road), just released on the market.”

The group recorded a vocal version of the theme to the classic Gerry Anderson series Captain Scarlet.

Their version of the theme was played on the final season of the show, and featured the immortal lines, “They crash him and his body they burn, They smash him but they know he’ll return . . . to live again!”

The band had another (small) brush with fame when they appeared in the classic 1970 British film The Reckoning performing in a Liverpool club with a singer called Patricia Gratton.

Colin Farsey (Capt Scarlet) 
Keith Farsey (Capt Ochre) 

Tony Atkins (Capt Magenta)

Anthony Judd (Capt Blue) 

Bill Chambers (Lt Green)