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spectrum_ruddSpectrum’s #1 hit single I’ll Be Gone (February 1971) was the final rock song to be played on the once-hip Melbourne radio station 3AK before it took up its format of ‘Beautiful Music’ on 1 June 1973.

Although a creative and exceptional group of musicians, Spectrum’s low earnings forced them to perform live also as The Indelible Murtceps (‘Spectrum’ backwards).

Following the break-up of Spectrum in 1973, leader/guitarist Mike Rudd (pictured) went on to front  Ariel, Instant Replay, The Heaters, W.H.Y. and Number 9.

In February 1984, Spectrum re-formed for a successful Australian tour.

Mike Rudd
Guitar, vocals
Bill Putt
Lee Neale
Ray Arnott