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Starshooter was one of the most famous bands to come up with punk rock in France, releasing Pin-Up Blonde, their first single, as early as 1977.

Unlike most punk bands, Starshooter was actually quite a joyous gang, making them closer to straight-up rock & roll than commonly understood nihilistic and/or socially concerned punk music.

starshooter4Their second 1978 EP, Get Baque (a quite funny and provocative hijacking of The Beatles‘ Get Back) earned them a slightly more sulphurous image and the fast withdrawal of that second effort from the French market.

But the next single, 1978’s Betsy Party, would be their breakthrough. The band released their first self-titled LP that same year, which was warmly received.

They kept touring until 1981 and released three more LPs in that time – Mode (1979), Chez Les Autres (1980), and Pas Fatigue (1981).

After their split, singer Kent Hutchinson went on under his own name for a long and prolific solo career.

Kent Hutchinson
Guitar, vocals
Mickey Snack
Phil Pressing