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Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel

Steve Harley (real name – Steven Nice) had worked as a journalist for a local newspaper in Colchester before forming Cockney Rebel.

Falling awkwardly between glam rock and art school prog, Harley’s original Cockney Rebel had a tendency to alienate as many listeners as they attracted – For every radio-friendly Mr Soft, there was the po-faced theatricality of Sebastian.

Harley’s contrived vocal histrionics and stream-of-consciousness lyrics left thousands baffled, and he wasn’t helped by what some observers identified as an ego that dwarfed any talent he might have.

His response was to dissolve the group in 1974, after little more than a year together, before emerging with an all-new line-up (keeping only drummer Stuart Elliot) heralded by the massive success of Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me).

It was this permutation of the group that delivered the most fully-realised material on stellar albums such as The Best Years Of Our Lives and Love’s A Prima Donna.

Harley continued to tinker with the line-up, ultimately dispensing with the Cockney Rebel name altogether.

Founding member Paul Jeffreys was killed in the Lockerbie tragedy on 21 December 1988 when Pan Am Flight 103 from Heathrow to New York exploded above Scotland. He was beginning his honeymoon with his new wife, Rachel.

Steve Harley
Vocals, guitar
Milton Reame-James
Jean-Paul Crocker
Paul Avron Jeffreys
Stuart Elliot
Jim Cregan
Duncan Mackay
George Ford