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Taking their name from Lord of the Rings, Strider was formed by guitarist Gary Grainger, keyboard player and lead vocalist Ian Kewley, bassist Lee Hunter (real name; Strzelczyk) and drummer Jimmy Hawkins.

After supporting headline acts including Humble Pie, Status Quo and Deep Purple and building up a solid following on the UK club and universities circuit they released their first LP, Strider Exposed, in 1973.

Their second (and final) album, Misunderstood (1974), featured new lead vocalist Rob Elliott and Tony Brock in place of Jimmy Hawkins on drums.

Just as it seemed the band were going places, internal squabbles caused them to split up with Grainger going on to feature in Rod Stewart‘s band and Tony Brock moving on to The Babys.

Rob Elliott
Ian Keyley
Keyboards, vocals
Gary Grainger
Lee Hunter (Strzelczyk)
Tony Brock
Drums, vocals
Jimmy Hawkins