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Susan Maughan

In 1960 whilst working as a vocalist with the Ronnie Hancox band, Newcastle-born Susan Maughan (born Marian Susan Maughan) made her first record, an EP of songs from the musical Oliver with actor David Kossoff.

The following year she was signed to the Philips label and was also recruited as the female vocalist in the Ray Ellington Quartet who were best known for providing musical interludes on The Goon Show.

susanmaughan16Susan’s first solo release was Mama Do The Twist, creating sufficient interest for the label to record two further singles, Baby Doll and I’ve Got To Learn To Forget, neither creating much interest.

Fortunately, the bosses at Philips decided to give Susan one more chance when producer Johnny Franz suggested Susan should record Bobby’s Girl, a cover of a proven American hit by New York newcomer, Marcie Blane.

The record entered the UK charts on 11 October 1962 and climbed to #3.

She appeared at the 1963 Royal Variety Performance, and in the 1963 film What a Crazy World. Maughan also appeared in the film Pop Gear (1965) and sang the title song for the low-budget Charles Vine superspy spoof, Where the Bullets Fly (1966).