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Symbols, The

The Symbols were one of the very best of the Essex-based UK 60s harmony outfits who benefited from the regular exposure of American West Coast material on the nearby North Sea pirate radio stations.

After early releases of material like the lush See You In September and the Newbeats-inspired Canadian Sunset that failed to click, they eventually scored a minor hit with a remake of The Ronettes‘ (The Best Part Of) Breaking Up, but somehow never managed to capitalise on this success.

Drawing from girl group and New York harmony material, they were a fine and popular live attraction, able to re-create the vocals of artists like The Four Seasons and The Beach Boys.

The Symbols recorded a superlative version of Silence Is Golden but leaked it through personnel interchanges to fellow Essex pals The Tremeloes. Had they hung on to the track, things may have taken a very different turn for both bands.