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With origins in Canberra, and founded by singer, songwriter and guitarist David Studdert, Tactics built a substantial audience in the Sydney inner-city and toured extensively, as far as England.

Tactics first album, My Houdini, was recorded and released in 1980, followed by their second, Glebe, in 1981.


Further albums were released over the next few years – The Bones Of Barry Harrison (a live album), Holden Interview, and Blue and White Future Whale – with the lineup changing often – before Tactics finally called it a day in the mid-1980’s.

An archival compilation entitled The Sound of the Sound Volume 1 is available, featuring the (remastered) first two albums and a good helping of unreleased songs from the era (and a few from Bones of Barry Harrison).

Tactics played a couple of well-received reunion concerts in Sydney in September 2006 to coincide with the release.

Dave Studdert 
Vocals, guitar
Angus Douglas 

Geoff Marsh 

Bass, vocals
Rob Whittle 

Drums, vocals
Ingrid Spielman
Garry Manley
Bass, guitar
Duncan MacKenzie
Michael Farmer
Nicky Baruch
vocals, keyboards, percussion, flute
David ‘Snajik’ Miller
Tony Donohoe
Lex Robertson