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Tages were a Swedish rock and roll/psychedelic/folk band formed in the early 60s near Gothenburg.

The band released a number of singles and LPs in their native Sweden to considerable success, making the Swedish Top 10 more than a dozen times.

Though remembered as one of the finest non-English speaking bands of the 1960s, they failed to ever really break into the US or UK markets.

In 1964 they were signed to British label, Platina and five of their singles were issued in the UK through EMI, then in 1967 because Platina didn’t have the resources to offer proper promotion, they signed directly to Parlophone and one of their singles that year was the (at the time) very controversial She’s Having A Baby Now  which many radio stations refused to play because of the subject matter.

The Tages also produced one of the world’s first psychedelic albums, named Extra Extra in 1966. Then they wanted to create a pop-music that was totally Swedish by learning old Swedish folk-music.


After this, they produced their fifth and last album – named Studio – at Abbey Road in 1967.

The album is very influenced by Swedish folk music and psychedelia and is remembered as the finest album from the sixties from a non-English speaking country (it has been called the ‘Sgt Pepper Of Sweden’).

In 1968 the band released the single Fantasy Island which was followed up by their last single, Halcyon Days.

Several band members went on to form Blond, a short-lived pop band that released one LP in the US before disbanding in 1970.

Tommy Blom
Vocals, guitar, harmonica
Göran Lagerberg
Bass, vocals
Danne Larsson
Guitar, keyboards, vocals
Anders Töpel
Vocals, guitar
Freddie Skantze
Tommy Tausis
Drums, vocals
Lars ‘Lasse’ Svensson