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Teenage Head

Friends from an Ontario (Canada) high school formed Teenage Head in 1975 and released a self-titled album in 1979.

It sold poorly, but 1980’s Frantic City – on Attic Records – earned gold record status in Canada soon after it was released.

Teenage Head’s other albums include Some Kinda Fun (1982), Trouble In The Jungle (1986) and Electric Guitar (1988).

teenagehead_004In 1984 they appeared as themselves in the campy B-movie Class of 1984 (starring fellow Canadian Michael J. Fox) and performed Ain’t Got No Sense.

In 1985 after the release of Trouble In The Jungle, Venom (real name Kerr) was replaced by Dave Desroches, who led the band for several years before departing to form his own band.

Venom eventually rejoined the band, while Nick Stipanitz was replaced by Mark Lockerbie (who in turn was replaced by Jack Pedler).

Frankie Venom died on 15 October 2008 after a battle with throat cancer.

Frankie Venom (Kerr)
Gordie ‘Legs’ Lewis
Guitar, vocals
Nick Stipanitz
Drums, vocals
Steve Mahon
Dave Desroches
Mark Lockerbie
Jack Pedler