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Throb, The

Drummer Pete Figures and guitarist Marty Van Wynk had been playing together in various groups around Sydney (Australia) for some time when they met John Bell at a dance and decided to form a group of their own. An advertisement in the paper brought bassist Denny Burgess into the group.

They released their debut single in 1966 – a version of Fortune Teller which reached #4 in Sydney and #2 in Melbourne. Their follow-up single was a reworking of an English folk song called Black is the Colour of My True Love’s Hair.


It reached the Top 40 in Sydney but did not chart in other states, at which point Van Wynk left the band and The Throb continued as a three-piece.

When Burgess also left, Bell and Figures recruited Bob Daisley on bass and Paul Wylde on organ and piano.

The Throb disbanded in January 1967.

John Bell
Vocals, guitar, harmonica
Marty Van Wynk
Lead guitar
Denny Burgess
Bass, vocals
Pete Figures