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Transvision Vamp

Fronted by the small, pouting, usually scantily-clad screamer Wendy James, Putney band Transvision Vamp were fleetingly quite a sizable noise.

While the media-conscious James was the one hogging all the attention, it was her partner Nick Christian Sayer who put the words in her mouth and recycled all the T. Rex, rock ‘n’ roll and punk riffs he could remember.

As much Sigue Sigue Sputnik as Blondie, the result was pure, unashamed pop trash.

On signing to MCA, Transvision Vamp made their initial foray on to the UK pop scene in 1987 with the single Revolution Baby, but it was not until their cover of Holly and The ItaliansTell That Girl To Shut Up that they made any impact on the UK chart, while the follow-up I Want Your Love reached the UK Top 5.

Their first album, Pop Art reached the UK Top 5 and further singles chart hits in 1989 with Baby Don’t Care (#3), The Only One and Landslide of Love (both Top 20) paved the way for the #1 album Velveteen.

Then, just as quickly, they were gone. Wendy re-surfaced as a “serious artiste” for a brief solo career, of which the quality high-point was the jaunty Elvis Costello-penned single London’s Brilliant in 1993.

Wendy James
Nick Christian Sayer

Dave Parsons

Tex Axile (Anthony Doughty)

Drums, keyboards
Pol Burton
Martin Hallet