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Trilobites, The

Australian power pop/rock band The Trilobites formed in Sydney in June 1984. Although their sound had descended from Detroit bands such as The MC5 and The Stooges – like most Sydney bands of the time – The Trilobites retained a pop sensibility that highlighted their tuneful harmonies and strong melodies.

The local Citadel label issued the band’s first two singles, Venus In Leather (1985) and American TV (1986) which both reached #1 on the independent charts in Sydney.

The Trilobites released Night Of The Many Deaths on the Big Time label in May 1987 and released their debut album – the live set Turn It Around – at the end of the year (on the Waterfront label).


RooArt eventually signed the group, resulting in the 12-inch EP I Can’t Wait For Summer To End. Debut studio album Savage Mood Swing appeared in March 1990, containing the controversial single Fuck=Love.

Frontman Mike Dalton left the band in 1991 to concentrate on his career as a television producer. Gary Slater (ex-Voodoo Lust) took his place. Glenn Abbott also replaced Paul Styman on drums.

The band returned to the Citadel label for the single Tear You Apart (1991) and the mini-album Lost Generation (1992).

The band continued to tour locally but made little further impact.

Mike Dalton
Paul Skates
Lead guitar, vocals
Martin Martini
Rhythm guitar, vocals
Scott Leighton
Bass, vocals
Paul Styman
Drums, vocals
Gary Slater
Glenn Abbott