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Trojan Records

Known worldwide as the reggae label, Trojan started in 1967 as an offshoot to Island Records, set up to issue the Jamaican productions of Arthur “Duke” Reid. The name ‘Trojan’ came from Duke’s British-built pick-up truck that transported his sound system round to gigs in Jamaica.

He subsequently set up his own modest recording studio and while Trojan’s first single, released in the UK in July 1967, was not an instant hit, better was to follow.

Trojan split from Island less than a year later and by 1969 were doing good business putting out the singles which appealed to working-class kids and skinheads disaffected by the progressive turn rock was taking.

With their rocksteady, shuffling ska rhythms and reliably sunny temper, they were great dancefloor fodder.

Their catalogue was to inspire a new generation of musicians such as The Clash and The Specials whose coverage of songs from the wide repertoire won the original Trojan sound more listeners.

Eventually, Trojan decided to put their best singles out on a series of LP collections, entitled Tighten Up.