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Hailing from Huntington Beach, California, TSOL (True Sounds Of Liberty) was a hardcore punk band formed during 1979.

In 1981 the band released the TSOL EP and Dance With Me, their first full-length record for the Frontier label. They later signed to independent label Alternative Tentacles, for which they released the Weathered Statues EP and the Beneath The Shadows album which featured Greg Kuehn playing keyboards.

Around this period their style switched further with a huge resulting backlash from fans of the time. The band was heckled mercilessly while touring for their change in music. Jack Grisham and Todd Barnes were so disgusted with the reaction that they left the band.

Today, Beneath The Shadows is acclaimed by fans and critics as an achievement in punk and New Wave experimentation and while Dance With Me remains the favourite of most people, it is Beneath The Shadows that makes TSOL more than just another hardcore band.

Jack Grisham 
Ron Emory
Mike Roche
Todd Barnes
Mitch Dean
Joe Wood
Vocals, guitar
Marshall Rohner