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Tucky Buzzard

British band Tucky Buzzard evolved from a band called The End, who performed in the late 60’s.

The group’s 1971 debut gig at the Whisky in the US was memorable for the fact that a veteran security guard at the club died of a heart attack after pursuing three teenage gate-crashers.

Singer Jimmy Henderson initially had a limited voice, and the band were originally largely written-off by the music press as run-of-the-mill hard rock/heavy metal fare. By their fourth album, Allright On The Night (1973), even Rolling Stone admitted they had improved “on a grand scale,” and praised Henderson for approaching Jagger or Daltrey territory.

Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman produced their albums, and – perhaps unsurprisingly – a number of Tucky Buzzard album tracks sounded like they would have been at home on a Stones LP.

These guys never really figured out where they were going, but they made some great tracks along the way.

Jimmy Henderson 
Terry Taylor 

Phil Talbot 

Paul Kendrick 

Guitar, vocals
David Brown 

Nick Graham 

Paul Francis 

Chris Johnson