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This Sydney power-pop band were a pop group with a fresh and squeaky-clean image. With an added touch of respectability – the necktie.

23-year-old drummer Brent Jeffrey and 20-year-old guitarist/vocalist Tony Voglino formed the band in February 1981. Both songwriters, they had met in Tasmania (where Jeffrey had drummed with Beathoven), found they had something in common and set about gathering two more members to form a band.

Six months later they had Ron Noshie (22) to play bass and Peter Kay (20) as their guitarist.


Their first single, Let’s Do It (backed with No Time) was released through Festival on the Red Records label in 1982. The two original songs on the single were but two of hundreds that Brett and Tony had churned out in a year.

During the initial recording sessions, Turnaround scored a cameo role in Gillian Armstrong’s rock & roll extravaganza, Starstruck. Although the appearance was extremely brief in the finished film, it helped their cause and soon the band were playing five nights a week around Sydney.

Tony Voglino
Vocals, guitar
Peter Kay
Ron Noshie
Bass, vocals
Brent Jeffrey
Drums, vocals